Ds7 2020 review

I'd half-expected that at some point during my four hours immersed in the DS Automobiles universe, the DS personnel would stop mid-sentence, slap their foreheads and proclaim: 'Oh my days!

You're right. You're so, so right. This is clearly a ludicrous idea and it will never work. But no. Because they're convinced it will work. It is working.

2020 DS 7 Crossback E-Tense 4x4 review: price, specs and release date

And their belief is infectious, their arguments convincing. They haven't made it easy for themselves. They've cut the range down to three cars at the moment — the DS 7 Crossback, launched last year, the DS 3 Crossbackwhich joined it this year, and the departing DS 3. Or reckless, unrealistic, impractical. In the second half [when the range and the network had both undergone a drastic pruning], UK sales We had to take the pain, but it's worth it.

ds7 2020 review

DS is acting like a start-up and selling cars in a new way. Descat's point is that cars are being bought and sold and leased and hired in a new way anyway, so better to be on the front foot, creating a range that's suited to the times and a dealer network suited to the range.

Descat is talking me through the thinking while we munch sandwiches in a meeting room above the DS Store Birmingham North. By the end of that should be ,' he says. We're not covering the full country. But we'll soon be up to It's unlike other car dealerships, but relatively normal compared to a Store. Paul Irving, 'DS Expert Advisor' they don't call themselves salesmen at Stafford, explains that in this online age customers are now generally very well informed before they visit or contact the dealer, and often know exactly what they want.

His job is not to charm or persuade, but to make it easy for them to have an extended test drive, to get answers to their questions, to talk about the many perks of DS ownership. Some customers are long-time French-car buyers, some are DS fans who've gone 3, 4, 5 and now 7 — 'and some the other way too, from larger to smaller: a premium feel in a size that suits them better'.

The Salon where I meet Paul and general manager Craig Norton is smart, modern and very different from neighbouring old-school dealerships. The extra space is used to provide an even more relaxed, feng shui kind of environment, not to cram in more cars. There are 7s and 3s, of course, but also artfully textured walls, modernist furniture and glass coffee tables of a kind you get in fancy hotel lobbies. The soundtrack and the perfume in the air are not left to chance. Anathema, you might think, to someone with a solid grounding in the old way of selling cars.

Richard Garbutt, sales director of Robins and Day, the dealer group that controls Birmingham North, says: 'There's an excitement running through the network. It's a real transition in the industry. I've been with the group for 25 years. It's the best it's ever been. The Birmingham Store has a virtual-reality configurator.Quirky alternative to a Q3 or GLA — nice details, comfy, but so-so to drive. This is the DS 7 Crossback, the first in a wave of six models set to appear in the French premium brand's line-up by For those who hoped the marque might launch a luxury saloon in the spirit of the original Citroen DS, then be patient - a low-sling four-door is coming.

But for now, topping the range is an SUV - and rest assured, it won't be the only one in the DS range. But SUVs sell, and sell well. Consequently, the DS 7 Crossback is targeted at the sort of people who might want a posh crossover but don't want to go for the obvious choice.

It's not cheap, though. As such, it's a car that needs to impress, and offer something over and above its well-honed opposition. Does it have what it takes? As a package, it does what a typical large SUV should. You get two rows of seats for five passengers, and there is plenty of room front and rear, although foot rook for those in the back is compromised by low-set front seats.

You can even recline the two outer seat backs electrically in the up-spec models. The boot is a decent size, at litres with the rear seats up or 1, with them stowed flat. The tailgate is electrically operated. The BlueHDi is a 1.

All models are front-wheel drive, apart from the upcoming hybridwhich will have electrically powered rear wheels for improved traction on slippery surfaces. Given the profusion of four-wheel drive rivals in this market and price sector, this is a disadvantage for anyone who regularly tows or needs a modicum of off-road capability.

The dashboard is dominated by twin From there, you can control all aspects of the infotainment, climate control, navigation and driver aids. There is also a bank of switches beneath the screen for some of the more commonly used controls. Both are crisp and clear, and you can't fault their clarity.

However, despite having several display modes, the way the instruments are displayed in front of the driver means you can't just have a nice, big bank of old-school dials.However, the electrified variants have now hit the UK market, and they make a lot more sense than the petrol and diesel models.

ds7 2020 review

However, while the similarly named DS 3 Crossback E-Tense is fully electric, this larger model is a plug-in hybrid. It combines a bhp 1. Ask for everything and the E-Tense will sprint from mph in 5. DS claims economy of between With a home wallbox supplying 7. The weight of that battery, located low in the chassis, also helps alleviate the bobbly ride you get in the regular DS 7 Crossback. As standard, this E-Tense variant is fitted with the Active Scan system that uses a camera to monitor the road ahead and adjust the suspension accordingly.

The inch screen and graphics on the At least you get lots of equipment for your money when you choose this top Ultra Prestige trim. Those dual displays are standard, alongside Apple CarPlayAndroid Autosat-nav, climate control, LED headlights, heated and ventilated massaging seats, and semi-autonomous adaptive cruise, plus strong safety tech that includes AEB, lane-keep assist and blind-spot detection, parking sensors, a reversing camera and keyless operation.

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Eight-speed automatic, four-wheel drive.The Citroen DS may just be the greatest car ever made. It remained in production for 20 years and still looks futuristic today. Being elderly and French, alas, it stubbornly refused to start. After several days, many failed attempts and copious cursing, the DS departed on the back of a low-loader. Despite our tempestuous time together, I felt saddened to see it go.

Seeing such otherworldly beauty outside my window each morning was a joy in itself. Now I have another DS on my driveway, yet it could scarcely be more different. So to speak.

DS 7 Crossback review

Its instruments are like a surrealist painting, the combined, diamond-shaped speedo and rev counter flanked by 3D pyramids for fuel level and water temperature. The centre console, meanwhile, looks impressively ornate, with intricate engravings on aluminium switches. Those instruments, for instance, place aesthetics firmly ahead of ergonomics, and much of the switchgear seems scattered at random.

Want to adjust the heated seats? Exterior looks a bit generic Germanic, even? More engines are due soon, including an E-Tense plug-in hybrid, but for now there are three: hp 1. I tested the former, which comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission and manages a thrifty Unlike its august ancestor, this DS started first time phew!

The four-cylinder engine is smooth and eager, the gearbox shifts seamlessly and the brakes are powerful and progressive. This is the first of six new DS models to be launched over the next six years. Until then, this is a worthy effort, but not the pick of the crowded SUV class. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account.The DS7 Crossback plays the upscale SUV in diesel version hp and hp petrol, but it also offers a more modest motorization of hp to lighten the bill and appeal, including businesses.

A good idea? The new DS7 Crossback arrived on the market earlywith its high-end engines: 2. The reality on the ground, it is also a more modest power diesel to lower the price of access to individuals, and especially present a lighter tax bill from companies that represent a strategic sales channel. Here is the DS7 Crossback diesel entry-level, equipped with the recent 1.

It is he who must seduce companies, before the arrival of the E-tense hybrid-rechargeable version in and his gift lot tax.

DS7 Crossback FULL REVIEW Performance Line + Plugin-Hybrid driving all-new SUV - Autogefühl

Our DS7 Crossback Test was devoid of it. So we settled for the six-speed manual gearbox. The French SUV thus takes on a dynamic look with Alcantara upholstery in the cabin, a neat finish and distinguished equipment such as the BRM watch see all standard equipment.

No need to scrutinize the stopwatch by the thousandths of a second here. An engine cm 3 in a good sized SUV has never made a miracle. But this BlueHDi of hp and Nm of torque is not satisfied either to make the figuration. Soft enough and rather alert mid-revs, it allows taking the DS7 with some good will.

In the city and on the peri-urban routes, everything is fine and the quiet mechanics is very well suited to the cozy atmosphere on board. The mission is a little complicated on the long ramps of highway and load where, this time, the diesel lack of resources to offer performance worthy of the rank of this SUV.

The box control well guided but slow enough does not encourage the dynamism, the chassis either.

DS 7 Crossback (2020) review

The latter favors comfort, which it does very well even in this private configuration of the piloted suspension that scans the road equipment reserved for BlueHDi Not very dynamic, but not clumsy either, this version of the DS7 is more appreciated in a normal or calm driving.

Our road course has an average flow of 5. Good values for an SUV of this size and which makes think all those who want to switch to gasoline on this type of high and bulky gear. The finish is beautifully crafted. BRM clock at the top of the dashboard.

The box control is accurate but quite slow. A good point for comfort. The front seats are welcoming and they offer excellent support. The length adjustment of the seat is a plus. DS is not the only upscale brand to equip its modest engine models to satisfy businesses.

However, in the small circle of the premium claimed by the brand, few SUV go down so low in displacement and power.

New DS7 Crossback 2020 Review – Enjoy The BlueHDi 130 LUX SUV!

With its positioning straddling between two segments compact model platform like a Q3 and Q5 templatethe DS7 is aimed here at the low fringe. This version does not have the flavor of the PureTech gasoline model whose approval more closely matches the high status of the DS7. But this BlueHDi fulfills its mission where it is expected: lower access price, attractive CO 2 level for businesses and very reasonable real consumption.

Privacy Policy Disclaimer Contact Sitemap. Saturday, October 20th, - DS. Related Posts. Recent Gallery.Jump to navigation. The new DS 7 Crossback is the car — or, more specifically, the compact SUV — its French manufacturer hopes will elevate the brand to the next level. DS 7 Crossback gains a new flagship plug-in hybrid four-wheel-drive powertrain. New petrol engine and top-end Ultra Prestige spec help broaden the Crossback's appeal, but do little to help it stand out in a crowded market.

New French luxury SUV looks derivative but is refined and fairly lavish. It's appealing in its way but lacks the completeness to easily justify its price.

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Haymarket Media Group, publishers of Autocar takes your privacy seriously. You can unsubscribe at any time using the unsubscribe mechanism on any email you receive from us. We will use your information to ensure you receive messages that are relevant to you. To learn more about how we use the information you provide to us please see our Full Privacy Notice. Top 5 Family SUVs 1.A few years ago the French conglomerate decided to spin DS off into a separate brand.

A simple alliteration explains why: premium players pocket the plumpest profits. But up to now DS has been selling only facelifted versions of the cars that were born as Citroen DSs. Actually, about the least original thing you could possibly do in early is launch a compact premium crossover. Top Gear has spent hours arguing the toss with DS management about how this drearily conformist direction can possibly square with their claim to be revolutionary? Why not do something as out-there as the Citroen C6, or the DS 5?

They just smile. Everyone says they love the look of those two cars, but no-one bought them. OK, so what in this car does answer to the claim of avant-garde? Inside, the trims and materials and switches are in places a bit bling, in others rather gorgeous.

Materials are fine: leather, metal, hi-res widescreens. The whole confection somehow has the air of a self-consciously designed boutique hotel bar. Or maybe bathroom. Some unique tech comes along too. So the top-end 7s get a suspension system that continually adapts the dampers according to the road ahead as seen by a windscreen camera.

Each headlamp contains three ice-cube like LED blocks that rotate and pivot in a sequential dance when you unlock. Night vision is on the menu — and unavailable on any rival. Forget the race-car. That squishy road-reading chassis, the driver aids, the plush cabin, a longer wheelbase than the class norm to get more back-seat space. You get the picture. Deep breath… et relaxer. DS 7 is perfectly well-enough executed as a vehicle to barge its way into the mosh pit of rivals.

Take one for a spin or order a brochure. Powered by motoring.

ds7 2020 review

Big Reads. Big Read. Stig wanted to bonfire the AMG's tyres.

ds7 2020 review

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